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mirror-wall-system-2Alder Glass & Aluminum is Winnipeg’s leading supplier of custom mirror for home or business.

Mirrors can dramatically enhance the beauty of virtually any room in your home or business. They amplify light, enhance the decor and can even double the perceived size of a room. Used as small decorative accents or large architectural ornaments, they can emphasize focal points and add style & drama to any space.

Alder Glass & Aluminum can provide you mirrors of any shape and size, with beveled or simple poilished edges.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at creating your mirror, we provide convenient professional installation too. Whether it’s a small vanity mirror for your half bath or floor to ceiling mirrors in an exercise room or elevator, our experienced glaziers can complete the job to your satisfaction.



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Mirror Information


We will custom cut mirrors to specific sizes and some shapes. We can seam, polish or bevel the edges and we also can notch, drill holes, and cut out switch plate / outlet holes.

Safety Backing on a Mirror

If safety is a concern, we can apply a vinyl film as a safety backing to wall and door mirrors to prevent injury from glass shards in the event of breakage.


A mirror that is simply cut is referred to as having “clean cut edges“. These edges are sharp therefore the mirror will need to go in a frame.

Seamed EdgesThis finish is achieved when clean cut, sharp edges are sanded or ground. A seamed edge has a more finished appearance.

Polished EdgesThis finish is achieved by polishing the edges until they are perfectly smooth.

Beveled EdgesThis finish is achieved by polishing the mirror at an angle creating a prism effect. We are able to bevel in multiple sizes that range between 1/4″ – 2″ on both straight-line pieces and shapes.

Mirror Installation

We carry a full line of products for the installation of your mirrors. Mirrors can be installed in a few different ways.

2-way Tape and Silicone – This is a permanent way of installation that allows for a seamless, clean look.

The tape will work as a temporary assistant to your mirror silicone. Be sure to verify your silicone is designed for mirrors otherwise you risk the chance of your silicone deteriorating the silver backing of the mirror.

Clips – On a wall, the mirror will be mounted with a minimum of 2 clips at the bottom and 2 clips at the top. We carry a variety of clips depending on the look you are aiming to achieve.

J-Mold – A metal strip of channel that can be used with any square or rectangle mirror installation to provide support to the top and bottom edges.

Mirror silicone is a more permanent solution compared to mirror clips or brackets. If ever wanting to remove mirror from wall, the drywall surface will be damaged when removing

Mirror clips are an easy and reliable method that allows for easy removal with minimal damage, if required.


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